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Super Heroes For Life is driven by a single goal; to inspire hope when & where it is needed most. The diagnosis of cancer and subsequent treatments can be overwhelming to anyone particularly a child. The world can suddenly seem very dark. Through our programs we strive to inspire children to believe that they can get better. In addition to the medicine and treatment being provided by their doctors - the children can feel empowered and maintain a positive outlook. By incorporating the child's hospital experience into a relate-able comic book (story board) we give the child the chance to conceptualize their experience in a positive light. The diagnosis of cancer (and the subsequent treatment) can be a very scary and isolating experience. Cancer is more than diagnosis - it has a profound affect on on the emotional, spiritual and physical well being of the entire family. We strive to add the element of hope into the care and support of children battling cancer and their families. Because Hope can be the greatest Superpower of all. 

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A simple cape (and mask) embodies what it is to be a super hero. Once worn the child can can evoke all the power his or her imagination can has to offer. It can be the first step to empowering a frightened child to during a very intimidating and scary experience.


Story Boards

Creating a relate-able story similiar to the one they are experiencing. Giving the children a comic story board that depicts their favorite superhero confronting the Arch Villian Cancer. With the help of a medical team our hero undergoes chemotherapy and is then able to recover his/her strength and defeat the cancer

Sci Fi Village


We take portraits of the children in their costumes depicting them as the strong and courageous people they are. The portrait that resembles a Hollywood movie poster, captures the essence of what it is to be a kid.

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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